Easy Way to Troubleshoot Aol Desktop Not Responding Problem

If you are an America Online (AOL) user, you must know about Desktop Software. But for other’s let me supply basic information about software applications.Well, This is Desktop software tool, in which integrated with all service offered by software like- mail, browser, chat etc. in words we can say, This desktop software is a central or all in one tool for accessing all email services.Before a year ago, This software any free tool. But now, the company has launched gold version of AOL desktop. But this version can be used by premium customers only.

There is no doubt; AOL desktop is making our job really easy. But being a software tool, it is also creating some damage to users. Most of the time, people face, desktop stopped working problem.This problem usually comes due to compatibility issue and additional basic issues. So those who are going through the frequent problem. Do not worry, read this article properly and get issue for your problem.Check software program update- most of the time; we have found this issue, just for the software needs an new beginning.If you are using an outdated version of software, this might be the reason behind software not working. So Let me suggest you, check for software update first. If you can find any improve. You need to go ahead boost it.

Restart Desktop – If you are the latest version of software, but each time, when you are trying to look at it. It is not working. That means, your desktop software package is hanging, so I will suggest you to close the desktop process from the taskbar and then reopen it.You may follow the instruction given below to stop process from taskbar in windows computer- Press Windows + R key together to read the run box. onetime email in the box and press ok button. Click on Process from the tab and take a look at software desktop. After selecting AOL desktop, you need to click on end process.

Now you need to reopen desktop services. I hope this will take effect now. Somehow can is still not working, you visit desktop not answering brief information.Check Internet Connection- Sometimes, it may stop working because of internet connection. So make sure an individual might be getting internet on your computer system. Also disable the proxy settings, firewall and antivirus software for a despite.If you are getting internet regarding your computer, but desktop software is saying no thank you internet connection circumstance. It might be the issue related to DNS server. So I will suggest you replace the DNS Ip address with following IP addresses.